Core Elements For Footwear Simplified

Penneyas the anchor, and it's the only mall that has some local stores, andmaybe one of those places that sells $49 suits. I think you're going to start to see -- and actually, we talked about this a little bit upstairs -- the new mall is going to push out the old mall. You'regoing to see closures. There's a demand for housing,so you're going to see a lot of conversions. We havetoo much retail space. There were a lot of articles this weekabout how difficult it's going to be to fill the 300-something hhgregg stores. There'sonly so many trampoline places that can go into a town, or movie theaters. And yeah,some malls can be anchored by grocery stores. But no, we have too much space, and there's going to be an absolute pullback in that area.

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